The Humphrey Group

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The Humphrey Group is a premier global leadership communication firm founded by Judith Humphrey in November 1988.  The firm focuses on building leadership communication skills, helping individuals and organizations define and communicate ideas that lead to business results. This is achieved through executive coaching, group training and consulting services. The Humphrey Group teaches communication skills exclusively through the lens of leadership. 

At the heart of The Humphrey Group’s success is its intellectual capital, which has been developed and broadened since the firm was founded. Clients are introduced to a guiding methodology that enables them to view communication interactions as opportunities to shape thinking and inspire action, and shows them how to capitalize on such opportunities. 

All offerings are tailored to reflect the unique needs of the client. Programs range from fundamental training such as Speaking as a Leader, to advanced offerings such as Storytelling for Leaders, to Diversity and Inclusion training such as the globally recognized program for women, Taking the Stage.