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Engagement -- we all talk about it, experts write articles and books about it and everyone is looking for ways to make it happen in their organizations. During this event we focus on how to engage the modern learner by shifting mindsets and converting insight into new, sustainable behaviors. We focus on the strategies and tactics to meet the needs of today’s learner who desires flexibility in where and how they learn and constant career progression opportunities. At the same time, L&D must continue to demonstrate the value of these initiatives and show how L&D is contributing to the bottom line.

Our Featured Speakers Include:

Michael Kennedy

AVP, Learning & Leadership Development
National Basketball Association

Julie Staudenmier

VP, Talent Management and Development

Jessica Saltz Samuels Ph.D.

VP, Talent Management
Alliance Bernstein

Deborah Wilson

Global Head Learning & Development

What to Expect

Keynotes & Best Practices

Strategic presentations by senior level talent executives covering topics which are top of mind issues.

Panel Discussions

An interactive and moderated conversation with key industry leaders addressing current and future issues.

Networking Roundtables

A networking experience with talent executives going through similar experiences. Share stories, ask questions and find new partners in the industry.


An in-depth discussion led by a solution provider.

Learning Connect

Our signature BrainWeave sessions encourage discussion, debate and learning in an unscripted and informal setting.

Networking Dinner

Share and exchange ideas and concepts through our fun and interactive networking opportunities.

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